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Mrs. Yao's ELD Dreamers and More

Hello, this is Mrs. Yao, ELD instructor since 2007 at Park Middle School.  However, I started learning English in 1978 and earned my Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature in 1982 from Hangzhou University.  I was assigned a job of teaching English in China, where I taught for 7 years before coming to the States.  I went to Univerity of Utah and earned my Master's Degree on Teaching and in Linguistics. 

  • Throughout the years, I taught at Heritage High, Los Medanos College, and Pittsburg Adult School.  I have a passion for all languages, especially English grammar.  I study it, analyze it, try to remember it.  Passive Voice, Active Voice, Lingering subject, Reduction of accent, it's and its, Possessive Pronouns, Relative Pronouns, Relative Adverbs and etc. 

    Over the years here at Park, quite a list of students have successfully graduated from my ELD programs.  One girl came to me from Guatemala with no English.  After three years of her great efforts and my effective teaching, she graduated with 4.0 from Antioch High and got admitted into Chico State University, majoring in Criminology and planning to be an FBI agent.  There are also other girls and boys who are now going to college and doing well there.  English language is no longer a hazard in their academic endeavor.  English is no longer in the way of their success in life. 

    So, boys and girls, gear up and start learning English!  If I can earn a Master's in English teaching as a foreigner, so should you.

    Mrs. Yao's Class

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  • Please start preparing for the imminent ELPAC--- one of the two exams that will qualify you to be reclassified or not.

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