• Our Vision:

    Dallas Ranch Middle School will be a school of excellence; strongly connected in the community where students achieve their full potential academically.  We will focus on students’ positive character development so students are prepared for success in high school, college, and careers.  We want students to make positive contributions in the community.

    Our Mission:

    Our responsibility is to prepare every student for success in high school and beyond.

    At Dallas Ranch Middle School:

    We believe that ALL members of the school community: students, parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff must model good character by displaying trustworthiness, respectfulness, responsibility, fairness, caring, and positive citizenship.

    We are a place that values diversity, where students are active participants and feel a sense of belonging and pride.  Aviators learn to be responsible for the success for themselves and others.

    Students understand the importance of learning and have a desire to achieve to the best of their ability.  They receive support in their academic endeavors and learn to be critical thinkers.

    Aviators are well-rounded individuals with opportunities to develop their bodies and minds through sports, clubs, electives, and other extra-curricular activities.

  • Dallas Ranch Middle School
    1401 Mt. Hamiliton Drive
    Antioch, CA 94531

    School Office: 925.779.7485
    Attendance: 925.779.7613
    FAX: 925.779.7486