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Ms. Collins

Hello Fabulous Families!

I am so glad you found my web page!! I am very excited to begin our adventure with Distance Online Learning. Be sure to check back everyday for new information and/or assignments. To get started click on one of the subject tabs on the left. Explore the "All About Me" and photo gallery pages.  You will see photos from the Contra Loma Resevoir and Exploratorium in San Francisco field trips, as well as, the Kids on the Block puppet show, and the Jersey Spirit Day!   

Distant Learning is about participation NOT perfection!  Due to sheltering in place your child will miss 12 weeks of school!!  That is a very long time for 2nd graders.  It is very important that you help your child to maintain their reading, writing, and math skills so they will be prepared for third grade.  

Although, officially my office hours are 12pm-1pm Monday-Friday,  I will check my emails every day throughout the day.

Please do not hesitate to email me with questions, comments, ideas, or to share your child's work.  I am especially interested in their writing and art projects which, with with your permission, I will post on my web page.

I miss all my students and their families VERY much and I know this is a very difficult and challenging time for all of us, but I know together we can succeed!

Please stay safe and healthy during this time of crisis!


Ms. Collins

Sutter Elementary 925-779-7425