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Ms. Leslie Adams

     Hi everyone, welcome to my computer web page.  I really miss you all and hope you are enjoying time with your families! 

     I will be providing new lessons for you every week.  Please look on the assignments page.  I will also provide you with additional optional projects to do if you wish and educational videos to support your learning for the rest of the school year (videos to support the regular curriculum).

     If you need to contact me, email me at  When video chat is fully up and running, you can also contact me during my office hours 1:00-2:00 except on holidays or weekends.  Check the calendar each day for new messages.

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     Computer Class


    Why Are Computer Skills Important?

         Technology is important in today's world.  You need to learn as much about technology and how to use technology as you can in order to run a business or work in one.  Just about every job now requires computer skills, and the more proficient you are, the more opportunities you will have in the job market.  

    Typing Skills

        It is important to practice 10 or more minutes of typing skills every day.  Keep track of where you left off and continue with the lesson you did not complete before moving on.   Make sure you are practicing proper typing skills, following the hand and finger placements displayed on the website. 

       Many jobs require you to type quickly, and some require you to take typing speed tests to see if you qualify.

       Learning to type quickly and properly will save you time with your homework and when you grow up, can save you time on your job.

     Computer  Programs We Will Be Learning

       For this trimester, we will be working with Powerpoint and Word Documents.  We will be using some online research tools and Google Maps.

    Skills Learned

    As we learn new skills or review them for an assignment, I will list them here.


     Telephone  Office Hours

       My office hours will be from 12:30-1:30 Monday-Friday in case you need to contact me for some assistance.  I will give you the contact information as soon as I receive it.