• Access Your Distance Learning Websites

    Getting into My Locker should let you into all the other websites you need for distance learning. In the case that it is not working, you can click on the correct program link below. Note: you can ONLY get into iReady by going through My Locker.


    Please click below:

    My Locker

    Login: Student ID number ONLY

    Password: Same as computer



    Login: StudentIDnumber@student.antiochschools.net

    Password: Same as computer



    Login: StudentIDnumber@student.antiochschools.net

    Password: Same as computer

    **Once in, click on Teams icon**


    ***If you have questions on your child's class schedule and when he/she should be logging on, please contact your teacher.***


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  • Have a Question?

    Ask it here.


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  • How to Update Your Contact Information

    **If you have any changes in your contact communications, including adding or changing phone numbers, emails, and language you would like your correspondence in (such as Spanish to English), please email or leave a message at the following to let us know your updated information.**

    Phone: (925)779-7470

    Email: jenniferthroop@antiochschools.net 

    We will get this information updated ASAP. Thank you for your help!

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