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Tascha Barnes

Welcome to Mno Grant Elementary’s Distance Learning Programs!


I really enjoyed working with you this year and wish you the best in 2020-21! Please see our Congratulations Video and some pictures from the 6th gr Promotion Drive Through!

Mrs Barnes and Mrs Davis message to Grizzly Grads

6/3/2020 Drive through Promotion Pictures


Thank you for encouraging your 6th grade students to attend our open sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am during Virtual Learning 2020!:

Mno Grant's Virtual Math & Science Open Student Sessions Schedule 

We are excited to showcase the great work they have done during this Trimester's Virtual Online Session! The WebEX links to each of the three 30 min sessions being presented are also included in the schedule. We welcome you to join in during your child's session time and celebrate their learning with us!


Previous Activities this Trimester:

6th grade celebrated Earth Week, April 20th-24th.  Watch our student Environmental Science projects:

Virtual Earth Week Movie


Please email Mrs. Barnes at taschabarnes@antiochschools.net to access Distance Learning 6th grade Science lessons and assignments.


Here’s what to expect on a daily basis:  

Students should spend lesson time, class/group discussion time, and get some feedback from their teachers during the times listed below:  


8-8:30a M-F for Q&A, Barnes office hrs 

(with additional time from 2-2:30p one afternoon weekly, TBD)

9:30-10a M-F for Q&A, Davis office hrs 

10:00-11:15a Tues & Th, Barnes/Davis Science & Math integrated units (75 minutes each) 

8:30-9:30a M-F for Q&A, Howell office hrs 

11:30-12:45p M-F, Howell ELA & Social Studies units (75 minutes each)   

11:00-11:30a M-F for Q&A, Dinner/Miller office hrs 

1:00-2:00p M-F, Dinner/Miller Resource Support (complete 30 minutes a day of assignments)

Students will be coming in and out of videoconferencing or chats using MS Teams and Google Classroom during these times.

Please check that your student spends 75min/day of work in Science/Math which includes: conferencing, tutoring and iReady Math time of 45min/wk.
For the T & Th 75min conferences, the assignments are posted.
M,W & F, please check that they spend 30min of independent study time each on Sci and Math assignments, or an hour of study time on their Science & Math Integrated Project. 
Students will receive "Mark” grades for participation, completion of assignments and for meetings attended with their teachers. They will receive "No Mark" for non-participation. Your students may want to spend more time on their projects and online programs outside of these hours and we highly encourage that they pursue their talents on the challenges that help them develop their skills.

Your 6th grader should complete 45 minutes I Ready Math and 30 minutes of I Ready Language weekly with a 72% accuracy or above.
Again, they will receive "Mark” grades for participation, completion of assignments and for meetings attended with their teachers. They will receive "No Mark" for non-participation.

Electives of Computer Class, Music Class, and PE shall be a min. of 15 minutes a day (or 75 minutes a week) for each class.  We encourage students to do more than 15 min., based on interest.

Please visit your teachers websites for more information.