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Ronald Rose

Hello Marsh students and family members.  I hope you are all doing well during this unfamiliar time.  I will be posting new material every week for you to practice some of the skills we have learned this year, as well as some fun new things to keep you active! 

Normally during our PE time in school, I see you 45 minutes, twice a week.  During this online teaching, I am recommending that you all stay active for at least 60 minutes every day!  That may sound like a lot but activity time does not have to be done all at once.  You can add up your total activity throughout the day to equal 60 minutes (sorry, video games do not count as physical activity!!).  To make things even more fun for you, get everyone in your family involved.  Have them help you read the instructions and you could also teach them what you have learned.  

  • Click on the links on the left side of your screen to access your PE material.  Start with week 1, find your grade level and follow the instructions for your daily activities.  If you have access to some equipment (basketball, soccer ball, jump rope, etc) click on the "Follow the Leader" link to practice your skills. 

    Although I will be posting multiple activities for you to do daily, the only assignment I would like you to turn in is a daily activity log.  Activity logs will be due by Sunday every week.  Please put your name, grade level and teacher name on your logs.  Here is an example of an activity log:

    English --->   Sample daily activity log

    Spanish --->   Sample daily activity log

    If you cannot print out a log, just write your own in your notebook, take a picture of it and you can email it to me or just send me an email with everything you have done for the week. 


    I will answer emails as soon as possible between 8AM-3PM, Monday-Friday.  I miss seeing all of you but I hope you are staying safe while staying active.  


    Mr. Rose