• Hello from Antioch High School!

    Please note these important UPDATED guidelines from AUSD about grading during this 4th quarter.

    The AUSD FAQ (link below) detail that students are required to participate in the 4th-quarter Distance Learning Plan in order to complete the school year.

    The new guidelines permit a student who was failing in the 3rd quarter to participate in the 4th-quarter Distance Learning Plan to earn a Pass with Credits.

    Students who do not participate in the Distance Learning Plan will receive a Credit Only that will indicate they did NOT master the course and may be asked to take the class again.

    Please note: All students will receive Credits for being active students during the 2nd semester, however, they can’t earn Pass and Credits without participating in their teachers’ Distance Learning Plans.

    We encourage all our students to participate in the DLP to the best of their ability.


    Thank you,

    Principal Rocha