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Liah Jones-Douglas

Dear AMS Family,  

Working and getting to know the AMS community during the 2021-22 school year was a pleasure. I’m excited to continue to partner with you all. Despite the challenges of the last year, our school had so much to celebrate, including academic excellence celebrations and recognitions, a Harvest Festival, club events, 8th-grade Girls Empowerment Day and King’s Conference, dances, staff vs. student competitions, Field Day, middle school sports and much more. 

We have many exciting programs and classes coming up. We will continue to build and promote literacy and academic excellence via the Renaissance Program, along with College and Career readiness through a variety of strategies like AVID and SchoolLinks. We are offering an exploratory wheel of electives to our students, so they can begin to explore the high school career pathways our district offers. We have a comprehensive music program, STEM (science engineering and math), and an array of leadership opportunities. We continue to purchase classroom materials as needed, including technology and print and online publications and equipment to finish our fitness and wellness center. Our numerous extracurricular activities include athletics, art, after-school academic support, after-school programs and other clubs. As restrictions ease, we plan to host a variety of family and community events.  

As a school, we are dedicated to supporting all students in and out of the classroom. This year we will continue the iReady online instruction tool for additional support in math and ELA. With the purchase of new computers, our school is close to reaching its goal of having computers in all classrooms. We will also continue to build our AVID/college prep program.  

We are focused on all supports, including social-emotional resources to help students manage stress, anger, and/or anxiety.  Building relationships and community building circles are a regular part of the classroom experience. Students also have the option to utilize our emerging peer conflict mediation program and our onsite wellness room. We will teach and implement tools and strategies to encourage healthy ways to manage stress (quiet/safe place, listening, empathy, personal space, apology/forgiveness, patience, and courage), along with using the Mindful Life Project. I am looking forward to the growth in the upcoming year as our wellness room will run full time with additional support programs. 

We want our students to become lifelong learners. We set high expectations and expect them to take an active role in their education. Strong core academics are essential in student success. We are encouraging a school-wide reading and writing culture. Our library is growing with new and highly engaging books, and plans to continue to host reading contests with exciting rewards and book fairs.  Our library will be updated with new furniture in alignment with our vision of collaborate spaces.  Please encourage your child to read daily and take advantage of the number of resources our school offers.  

Continuing to foster a nurturing environment that is safe, welcoming, supportive, and inclusive is a priority in my leadership. I believe it takes a village to ensure our students are successful and look forward to partnering with all families. Parent-guardian involvement is essential, and we encourage and hope all will join our Eagle Parent group and/or our ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee). These groups meet monthly and help promote a positive school culture through many of their volunteer activities and help guide school budget and program decision-making.  

Our website ( hosts teacher web pages, school calendar, important news, and contact information.  AMS social media platforms are important communication hubs where we post essential information, photos of our events, students’ success and positive news.  Another great resource is the Aeries Portal account in which students and parents/guardians can view grades and attendance. Login and passwords for these websites will be distributed at registration.  

I am looking forward to a successful school year and continuing to build relationships with the AMS community. I believe in setting high expectations for all students while supporting student academic and social emotional needs. I value collaboration and in working together, our students will soar.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or simply stop by to say hello.  


Liah Jones-Douglas, 
Principal, Antioch Middle School 
925-779-7400 ext. 42521