Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in History from UC Merced Master's Degree in History from Sacramento State

Mr. Anthony

Welcome to Intro to LEAD. We focus on developing skills that make us better leaders and members of the community. This class is part sociology, part geography, part technology, and part history. Not the “Leadership” class, but a class to build leadership skills.

My name is Mr. Anthony. I graduated from Antioch High School in 2013 and have been teaching since 2017.

  • Intro to Leadership
    Antioch High School 2022 - 2023
    Instructor: Mitchell T. Anthony
    If you need to reach me, message me on TEAMS or email.

    Class Expectations:

    • Expect to turn in 2 to 4 assignments a week
    • There is no assigned homework. Students will always have class time to work on their assignments.
      • If the student goofs around in class, or needs more time to work, then they’ll have homework.
    • There are no quizzes or tests.
    • There will be at least 2 projects. One for the first semester as a midterm, and another for the final
    • Late work will always be accepted until the end of the semester. In fairness to other students who turn their work in on time, a late assignment will receive a few points deduction for being late.
    • It is always better to turn in a well done and complete assignment late, than to not turn one in at all.
      • Do not turn in partially completed assignments, or poorly completed work.

    Extra Credit:

    • Available opportunities all year long
    • Classroom health supplies
      • Facial tissues / Kleenex
      • Hand Sanitizer
      • Each is worth 5 points of extra credit for a total of 20 points extra credit.
    • Other EC opportunities come up during the school year

    Classroom Rules:

    • No leaving the classroom during the first ten or last ten minutes of class. This is a schoolwide policy.
    • Eating in class is okay for now, but if pests become a problem, then I will have to forbid eating.
    • If the student is 30 minutes late for class without a note or pass, then they are marked absent. This is for both regular and block days. This is a schoolwide policy.
    • No recording video or audio in class. No recording TikToks, Snapchats, Facebook live, etc.
    • Be respectful of others.
    • Do not talk when others are talking.
    • Cell phones are permitted, but absolutely no cell phone noise.
      • Punishments for cell phone violations can vary.

    Academic Honesty:

    • I take plagiarism very seriously. Although the work we do in this classroom is not high stakes, there is still no excuse for plagiarism.
    • Acts of plagiarism include: copying a classmate's work, copying another work without giving credit to the original author, and taking credit for work you did not do.
    • Depending on the severity of the plagiarism, and how often the student commits plagiarism-- punishments will vary.
    • To minimize opportunities to commit plagiarism, I give students plenty of class time to work on assignments, and I accept late work until the end of the semester.