• Parent/Family Involvement

    As a parent/guardian in our school district, you are encouraged to be involved in the education of your child. Early and consistent family involvement helps children do well in school. District policies have been developed over the years to ensure parents/guardians are welcome in schools, notified of matters concerning their children, and included in decision-making at schools sites. Along with volunteering in school, there are also other valuable ways to be involved with your child's education. 


    Blacboard allows all schools to create websites for sharing school information, such as resources and events that are important for success in school and the classroom. All schools utilize the AERIES grade book for assignments and grading. Click here to access the schools page to be guided to your child's school.

    AERIES Parent Portal

    Antioch Unified School District uses AERIES for its student information system to show attendance, schedules, and grades, as well as other important information. You can acces the Parent Portal by navigating to antiochusd.asp.aeries.net/student. If you need assistance with login information, please contact your child's school.