Regular attendance at school is the first step toward academic success. According to California law, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to see that their student attends school regularly. Attendance is taken and reported each day for kindergarten through fifth grades and each class period, each day for grades 6 through 8. Each day a student has an unverified absence, the parent/guardian will receive an automated phone call and if the absences become excessive, the parent/guardian will receive a notification of truancy.

    ABSENCES: It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school, within 3 days of their student’s absence in the following manner:

    • Call (preferably by 11:00 a.m.) the Attendance Assistant at 779-7445 ext. 25070 each day of the absence. To leave a message dial ext. 25070.
    • Written note or email to the Attendance Assistant from parent/guardian or parent representative.
    • Physician’s verification.

    When a student has had 10 absences in the school year for illness, any further absences for illness shall be verified by a physician.

    The following are considered EXCUSED ABSENCES:

    • Personal illness
    • Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointment. Families are strongly urged to make appointments during non-school hours.
    • Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family.
    • Personal reasons including, but not limited to, court appearance, observation of a religious holiday or ceremony, emergency family matters.

    The following are examples of absences that are UNEXCUSED:

    • Oversleeping: (parent or student)
    • “Traffic”
    • transportation problems
    • work at home
    • traveling / vacation
    • participating in rehearsals/practice/performances for outside activities

    Consequences for Unexcused Absences:

    By law, after three (3) unexcused absences, a student is considered truant. When a student is truant, parents/guardians will receive a first notification of truancy by letter. If truancy continues, a second notification and request to attend a School Attendance Review Team meeting with school staff will be made.  If truancy continues, a third notification and summons to report to our school district’s Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) will be made.