• Attendance Matters

    To Report an Absence, call:

    (925)779-7420 x40870 for English  or   (925)779-7420 x10093 for Spanish

    Absences need to be “excused” within 24 hours of student’s absence.  Please provide medical/dentist notes when student is absent for an appointment during school hours.  Excused absences include: health reasons, a family emergency and justifiable personal reasons, as permitted by law, Board policy, and Administration rules.

    • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to schedule medical appointments during non-school hours whenever possible.
    • Attending funeral services for students’ immediate family shall not exceed more than 1 day for services conducted in California and no more than 3 days if service is conducted outside of California.
    • Justifiable personal reasons include: court appearance, incarceration, religious holiday observance, family emergency, SARB appearance or an absence requested in writing by a parent/guardian authorized by school authorities prior to date of absence.
    • Methods to verify absences: written note, fax or email from parent/guardian, message on absence line or in person.
    • Homework requests can be made only after a student is absent 3 consecutive days with an excused absence.  However, assignments are always on the AERIES portal for those of you that signed up for access.