• Purchasing Overview and Commitment  AUSD

    The Purchasing Department is devoted to obtaining the highest quality products and services at the best prices, while ensuring that our business processes are carried out with the highest degree of professional ethics, integrity, and competency. We aim to provide superior customer service, employ best practices in public procurement, build solid business partner relationships, and support business development.

  • Notice of Auction 
    Surplus Assets

    On an as needed, on-going basis, the Antioch Unified School District will be conducting auction of surplus assets by public auction, on-line auction, sealed bid or other appropriate method of disposal. These assets have been approved as surplus in accordance with State Laws of surplus goods. 

     Description and auction information regarding these items can be found online at www.govdeals.com/AntiochUSD. Follow the link to learn more about an item and to place an online bid for such item(s). 

    For general questions about this auction, please email: Purchasing@antiochschools.net. Surplus items may be sold at public on-line auction with assistance from GovDeals and BVD Consulting.


Apple Word

  • California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA)

    Antioch Unified School District is subject to CUPCCAA.

    What that means is:

    • Formal bidding is not necessary on public works projects up to $60,000 They can be performed by negotiated contract or purchase order
    • Public works projects between $60,000 and $200,000 may be let to contract by informal bidding procedures specified in CUPCCAA
    • Prequalification for projects up to $200,000 is not necessary
    • The District will establish a list of contractors to be notified of potential projects and procedures for informal bidding

    If your company would like to be added to our District's list of contractors to be notified of potential projects of $200,000 or less,  SIGN UP  to start the process.