Toolbox Talk

  • Toolbox at Home

    Posted by Ms Yan on 11/30/2017

    The Holiday Season can be a stressful time for many of us, kids included. Thus, it becomes more important that we practice the tools that we have learned at school, at home as well. While Mom's, Dad's, Guardians, Grandpa's, and other family members may not know what these tools are, I highly encourage your to ask your child about them, and even have them teach you a few. Many of our students have become fast toolbox experts.

    The video below is a great example of how Toolbox can easily be translated into home use!

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  • Welcome Back

    Posted by Ms. Yan on 10/5/2017

             Welcome Back

    Welcome back! As we get back into the swing of the new school year, this means reminding ourselves to use the toolbox tools that we all learned last year.

    This year, I will be back in the classroom doing review lessons with all the students, scaled based on grade level. Students will again have an opportunity to become Toolbox Experts of the day on the playground – encouraging and reminding students and teacher to use their tools.

    Updates on the tools we will be reviewing and supplemental materials can be found on this page.

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  • Toolbox Beginnings

    Posted by Ms. Yan on 9/20/2017

    Diablo Vista starting using and learning about our toolbox tools in 2015 To learn more about the curriculum and how it got started, check out the video below!


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