Developer Fee's Overview

  • Pursuant to Government Code Section 65995 et. seq. and Education Code Section 17620 et. seq., school districts are authorized to levy fees on new residential and commercial-industrial development to fund the school facilities necessary to accommodate the students from new development.

    Antioch Unified School District will collect Developer Fees at the following rates:

    Residential Development                                 $3.79 per square foot

    Commercial-industrial Development               $0.61 per square foot

    To pay Developer Fees:

    1. Visit the Antioch Unified School District central office at 510 G St., Antioch, CA 94509, to obtain the required form.
    2. Take the form to the City of Antioch City Hall, 200 H St., Antioch, CA 94509, Building Department, to have the building type and square footage section completed and signed.
    3. Return to the Antioch Unified School District central office with the completed form and a check for the fees due (Credit cards, debit cards and cash ARE NOT accepted).