Many enriching and worthwhile experiences are afforded our children through volunteer help from parents. With this support, teachers are able to provide more direct instruction. Parents interested in volunteering time and services are requested to contact their child’s teacher.  We encourage our parents to visit and volunteer in classrooms; however, please leave young children at home as they are a distraction to students in the classroom. Parents are not expected to discipline students because that is the job of the staff member.



    • All visitors are required to report to the school office upon arriving at campus.
    • Classroom visits must be arranged in advance and have prior approval from the classroom teacher.
    • Parent volunteers must sign in and receive their volunteer badges in the office and sign out when leaving.
    • Siblings or students from other schools are not permitted to visit during the regular school day.
    • Avoid lengthy conversations with the teacher during visits so that the teacher can focus on teaching.
    • Please note that volunteers/visitors may have their visiting privileges limited or revoked if the classroom teacher, principal, or principal’s designee determines that the individual’s presence in the classroom or on campus obstructs, interferes, or disrupts the classroom or school environment.
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