• Attendance

    The importance of regular attendance cannot be over emphasized.  A child must be in school every day that he/she is physically able.  It is extremely difficult to keep up with class work successfully if attendance is irregular.  Truancy notices will be sent. A Student Attendance Review Team meeting will be held with the principal if a student has excessive absences or tardies. Continued absences will result in a referral to a Student Attendance Review Board meeting at the Antioch Unified School District office with the parent/guardian.

    • Absences: Regular attendance is imperative for academic success. However, if a child is going to be absent or late to school, parents are requested to either call the school or send a note of verification when the child returns. (The State of California requires verification of all school absences).  All absences must be cleared within 24 hours. Please feel free to call our 24 hour absence line number at 925.779.7621. Please include in your message: your child’s name, your name, the student’s teacher, reason for absence and phone number where you can be reached. If a family vacation is planned during the school year, please contact the office to arrange for an Independent Study Contract.  The vacation/absence must be five or more days, not to exceed ten days, to qualify. This contract must be requested at least five days in advance of leaving. For more detailed information, please review the AUSD attendance policy in the AUSD parent/student handbook.
    • Arrival to School and Dismissal: There is no supervision before school. Therefore, students are not to arrive more than 15 minutes before school starts unless they are eating breakfast. When 1st-5th grade students arrive, they are to go directly to their classroom and wait outside the door and stand in line. Parents are not permitted on campus beyond the gates without checking into the office. For kindergarten, students must enter through the kindergarten gate and wait in line by their class. An adult must stay with their child until the teacher opens the door for class to begin. We appreciate our parents’ help in reinforcing these procedures. Students are to line up. Students arriving after the school start time are considered tardy.  However, a student should only go to the office for a tardy pass if arriving 20 minutes or more after school begins. Students miss valuable instructional time by arriving late. 
    • All students not picked up after school are asked to report to the office to call for a ride if they are not picked up within 15 minutes after release. Students will remain in the office since there is no adult supervision after school until the 30 minutes prior to the office closing. Staff will contact Child Protective Services and/or the Antioch Police Department if a student is not picked up prior to the office closure. If students are continually picked up more than 15 minutes late from school, staff has no choice but to involve the Police Department and Child Protective Services.
    • Leaving School Early: Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without permission from the school office. A request to have a child excused from class early should be sent to school with the child on the morning of the early dismissal.  The time and reason for leaving should be included.  When possible, medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours.  Students may only be signed out in the office by the parent/guardian or an adult, with a valid legal ID, who is listed on the emergency card. A child will only be released to the parent guardian or persons listed on the emergency card unless the parent/guardian has granted permission for someone else to pick up their child. 


  • To report an absence please call 925-779-7450