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Construction Update!

Construction is fully underway. The A wing, the Kindergarten rooms, the office and library and the multiuse room are getting new HVAC. School will be operational, on time, August 7, however, there will likely be last minute construction still taking place as school begins. What this means......

..... Kindergarten classrooms A4 and A5 will not be ready until sometime later in August. Those classrooms will still be in the A wing but temporarily in either A1 or A3.

......the A wing bathrooms will not be completed by August 7, so we will have temporary solutions for our A wing children. Teachers became familiar with how we handled that at the end of last year so there should be a smooth beginning with no worries. We’ve got it handled! And we have plenty of available bathrooms.

......We ask your patience, if you are a current parent, to wait until July 31 to come to the campus just to give the construction workers a worry free zone. We want you and yours to be safe! PLEASE read the next post regarding REGISTRATION DAY specifics. But the office is technically open, Monday, July 22, and of course we would not turn you away.

.......And finally, due to this construction, our teachers are also not being given access to their classrooms until July 31. That means you may not see the usual welcoming charts and things on walls or desks in those affected classrooms. Then again, our teachers are amazing! Just wanted to thank you for your patience ahead for the slight changes to the norm.

If you have any questions or concerns, Ms Gregg will be in the office on Monday, July 22, if you’d like to call - 779-7435. Looking forward to a fantastic school year ahead!