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Student Drop off and Pick up


Our parking lots and the adjacent streets are very busy before school and after dismissal. Please use extreme caution when driving near school during these times. Students are always directed to use crosswalks and look both ways before crossing streets. We encourage parents and older siblings to do the same. Orchard Park has a large parking lot with designated pick up areas. We strongly encourage parents, if they pick their children up after school, to have children meet them at the designated area for their grade level. School staff is assigned to these areas only after school for supervision. It is safer than having children wait on the street. The loading zone adjacent to the multi-use room and library is designated for school busses during the afternoon dismissal.

 At dismissal time, in the main parking lot, parents must pick students up from the loading zones. Parents are not to leave their vehicle in the loading zone to get their children. If a parent feels the need to get out of his/her vehicle, he/she may park in any of the empty parking spaces or on the street curb and walk in to meet students.  Parents are asked to pull all the way forward in the loading zone to make room for other vehicles. There is no stopping, waiting, or loading from the left lane, crosswalk, or red zone. Parents’ cooperation and compliance during this very busy time is needed and appreciated. Our goal is the safety of children, not how fast children get picked up.

Parking Lot

It’s about SAFETY……not how fast we can get students dropped off and picked up.

 Before School

  • The loading Zone is for dropping students off only.
  • Please pull all the way forward when in the loading zone.
  • If parents are staying for any length of time, they need to park in an open space.
  • Students should not leave their car until stopped in the loading zone.
  • Students are not to get out of the car while still in the thru traffic lane.

In the loop, there is only one loading /unloading zone and one lane for thru traffic.

After school

  • At dismissal, students are not to wait outside classrooms for siblings and friends.
  • Students are to meet siblings and friends at the picnic tables outside the multi-use room and then be picked up at the oldest students pick-up zone.
  • Parents are not to park in the loading zone. Use an open space if you plan to get out of your car.
  • Parents must pull into the loading zone to load students.
  • Parents need to pull all the way forward in the loading zone.
  • Students are not to walk/run through traffic to get into cars.
  • If parking on the street, please do not double park.

 Everyone should use the crosswalks.

There is not a crosswalk at the stop sign. To get to the street, use the crosswalk that leads to the sidewalk on the street.

Please do not double park on Live Oak Ave.