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2022 Teacher of the Year

When reflecting upon what every educator has faced, overcome, and persevered through over the past 2 years, AUSD could not overlook every educator in the district has been exceptional when reviewing the criteria for TOY.  Our educators have demonstrated their ability to adapt, innovate, differentiate, analyze, collaborate, influence, communicate, and engage.  They came together with colleagues and administrators and taught each other, learned from one another, and supported everyone.

It is precisely this unity AUSD wanted to recognize and celebrate.  We wanted to put the pride we felt for our educators out into the universe and announce to our Board of Education, CCCOE, and the world that the educators of AUSD are and have been stellar and that our profession as a whole is a noble one, one that has played a critical role in caring for our students and families by maintaining their learning and wellbeing throughout the pandemic.  For this reason, all educators in AUSD were nominated for Teacher of the Year!  This honor will be shared with our Board of Education during a board meeting in May.