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Indoor sports begins

Antioch High School

Return to Play – Indoor Sports
(Basketball – Volleyball – Wrestling*)


Indoor sports will resume with these CDHP guidelines and observed by AUSD.

To start try-outs/practice, you must complete:

  1. Athletic Clearance registration and a physical need to be completed


  1. COVID testing is April 6. ALL students and coaches must be tested (provided by AUSD) and completed before starting try-outs/practice.


  1. Please complete the following:
    1. AUSD Testing Rosters for CUUR
    2. Student/Non-Employee Covid Screening Consent Form and Waiver:

All forms can be found online OR picked up via drive though from noon-4 p.m. March 26/THIS Friday in the AHS gym parking lot.

*NOTE: At this time, wrestling hasn’t received final approval. Those interested are encouraged to complete all required steps to ensure they’re able to start as soon as possible.