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New Partnership with UC Berkeley's ATDP Program

ATDP is a summer program that offers challenging courses to high achieving and motivated students entering grades 1-12. This year, we are offering our middle and high school-aged students a wide variety of courses including Introduction to Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Mandarin, Advanced Creative Writing, Java, and Clinical Psychology. To learn more about what courses will be offered this summer, check out our Secondary Division course catalog.

Last year, ATDP made the transition from in-person to fully online for the first time in 40 years! Much like their students, the ATDP instructors and staff demonstrated their resilience, creativity, and problem solving skills in order to ensure the 100% online courses would still provide students with the same fun, engaging, and challenging content. Thanks to the added flexibility of the online platform, we were able to have students, parents, and guest speakers join us over the summer who normally would not have been able to attend. 

At ATDP, we believe talent development opportunities should be an option for all highly motivated students. For this reason, ATDP maintains a need-based financial aid fund to help all qualified applicants attend. Please contact a member of our staff at with questions regarding financial aid (or any other matter!).

 We are so excited for another summer of learning and would love to welcome you into our community. Accordingly, please share the attached flyer with students, families, and teachers! 

Deadlines are quickly approaching.  Applications for Summer 2021 are due March 31.

ATDP Brochure 1

ATDP Brochure 2

ATDP Brochure Spanish