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2/27/2020 Important Message Regarding the Coronavirus

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February 27, 2020

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff of the Antioch Unified School District,

We understand that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a concern for our families, students, and staff and would like to take a moment to update you on our efforts to monitor and respond appropriately. We have been in constant communication with Contra Costa County Health Services (CCCHS) via the Contra Costa County Office of Education in an effort to monitor the situation.

As of February 26, 2020, there is still no evidence that COVID-19 has infected anyone in Contra Costa County or any of its schools. According to information we received from the Communicable Diseases Program Chief, Mr. Paul Leung, there are no confirmed cases of infection in our County. However, the County confirmed that three patients were transported from Travis Air Force Base to our County to receive medical assistance. The patients were among US evacuees from the quarantined Diamond Princess Cruise Ship in Japan. However, these patients do not pose a risk to schools within the County at this time. The patients are in special isolation rooms, thus, protecting the medical staff and the public in general.

We want to assure our families that our schools are a safe place for our students. The guidelines from our public health agencies are: anyone returning from China after February 3, 2020, must self-quarantine for 14 days. Also, returning travelers should be under advice from their local department of health.

Also, the CCC Department of Public Health urges all members of our community to adhere to the following recommendations to prevent the spread of any respiratory virus, including COVID-19:

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
• Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available
• People who are sick should always cover their coughs and sneezes using a tissue or the crook of their elbow; wash your hands after using a tissue to wipe your nose or mouth
• People who are sick should stay home from work or school until they are well
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your unwashed hands
• Contra Costa residents should contact their healthcare providers if they have symptoms and had close contact with someone with symptoms who traveled in the last 14 days from China.

For more information, please visit the Contra Costa County webpage by using these links:

We will continue to take direction from the CCCHS and take seriously our responsibility to keep students protected. Should updates become available, we will update our school community.

Stephanie Anello