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The Antioch Unified School District has established the Futuris Public Entity Investment Trust.

This Trust is an IRS Section 115 Trust that is used for the purposes of investment and disbursement of funds irrevocably designated by the District for the payment of its obligations to eligible employees and former employees of the District and their eligible dependents and beneficiaries for life, sick, hospitalization, major medical, accident, disability, dental and other similar benefits (sometimes referred to as “other post-employment benefits,” or “OPEB.”)  This Trust was established and is managed in compliance with the applicable Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) standards for OPEB. GASB Statements 74 and 75 set the accounting standard for public sector employers to identify and report their (OPEB) liabilities.

The District has created a Retirement Board of Authority consisting of District Personnel to oversee and run the Futuris Trust.  Benefit Trust Company is the qualified Discretionary Trustee for asset and fiduciary management and investment policy development.  Keenan & Associates is the Program Coordinator for the Futuris Trust providing oversight of the Futuris program and guidance to the District.

Attached to this notice is the most recent annual statement for the Trust.  This statement shows (as of the date of the statement); the total assets in the Trust, the market value, the book value, all contribution and distribution activity (including all fees and expenses associated with the Trust), income activity, purchase activity, sale activity, and realized gains and losses.  Please note that the Trust is not itself an employee benefit plan.  Rather, the assets in the Trust are irrevocably designated for the funding of employee benefit plans.  You are being provided this information pursuant to California Government Code Section 53216.4.

For more information regarding the Futuris Public Entity Investment Trust, please contact Teresa Santamaria at (925) 779-7500 with the Antioch Unified School District.

Please click here to view the entire Annual Report for the Antioch Unified School District Futuris Trust July 2018.  This report will be updated annually.