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Student Pick-Up

Dear families,

It is important that we follow the rules regarding student pick-up to ensure the safety of our students. Please remember to adhere to the following parking and pick-up rules:

-Students should only be picked up at the red line in front of the school, do not ask students to run to the second lane of the drive way or pick up students on Country Hills Drive

-Any adult walking onto campus to pick up students needs to be parked in a designated parking spot on either end of the campus (not at a redline or in front of the horse shoe) 

-Please follow the directions of the crossing guards

-Only park in disabled spots if you have the appropriate placard

-Do not pick up your children past the crosswalk, that area is designated for the bus

-Please be kind to staff, if you are asked to move, please remember our #1 priority is the safety of our students. The staff is not doing it to be mean, they are doing it to keep our children safe.

I know that pick-up time can be extremely frustrating for some, please remember that dismissal of our 400 students happens on average in 12 minutes. I ask that you continue to model the Kindness, Safety and Responsibility that we are working to teach our students every day here at school. I have attached a detailed description of the procedures that were sent home the first day of school and that have been posted to our school's website. Please take time to review the procedures.

Thank you for your support.


Mr. HemauerParking Letter