• Attendance ATTENDANCE

    The importance of regular attendance cannot be over emphasized.  A child should be in school every day that he/she is physically able.  It is extremely difficult to successfully keep up with class work if attendance is irregular.  If a student is repeatedly absent or tardy without proper cause, a district employed Student Support Services officer will be notified.  For every one percent of increase in attendance district-wide, we receive an extra million dollars.  In these tough budget times this is a huge help to our district and your child’s continuing quality education.  Students with perfect attendance and no tardies during a monthly attendance reporting period will have an opportunity for a non-uniform day on a day designated by the principal.  School-appropriate clothes and shoes must be worn.


    As a parent, your most important responsibility is to make sure your child gets the best possible education.  The first and most important step in fulfilling this responsibility is getting your child to school on time every day.  The main reason we want your child in school is so that learning occurs.  Put simply, our teachers can’t teach children who aren’t here.  Please schedule doctor appointments after school. Good attendance and being on time makes a difference!

    The State of California will no longer provide funds for students who are absent “for any reason.”  Needless absences result in loss of financial support for our school.  This could mean additional cuts in programs or services affecting every child.

    24 Hours to Clear Absences

    When a student is absent, please send a note regarding your child’s illness to his/her teacher and leave a message on our absence line daily at 925.779.7632.  Please notify us in case of a lengthy or contagious illness.  When you know in advance that your child will be absent for personal family business for 5 days or more please contact your child’s teacher in writing the week before to arrange for an Independent Study Contract.  Otherwise the absence is unexcused.

    ABSENCE REPORTING LINE:      925.779.7632


    Our school day begins at 8:00am.  Students who are late…8:01 – 8:15am… should go directly to their classroom.  Their teacher will record their tardy in the attendance folder.  All students who arrive after 8:15 am must be brought to the office by their parents to sign in and receive a tardy pass into class.  Students who are late to school more than 3 times in a trimester will be considered truant and in accordance with the California Education Code, letters will be sent to parents for those students who continue with excessive tardies and absences.


    SCHOOL COUNTS!  In the case of an emergency or the need for an extended absence, contact the office ASAP at 925-779-7430.  We can discuss options, such as independent study, so  your child does not lose his/her spot in the classroom.  Students that have extended absences for unknown reasons may be inactivated and another child may be enrolled in his/her place in the classroom.  Please remember - we want ALL our students here EVERYDAY, ON-TIME.  Attendance matters!


    To report an absence, please call:
    925-779-7632 (English) or
    925-779-7430 (Spanish)