Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Prospects High School students will:

  • Achieve Academic Proficiency in Reading, Writing, and Math through:

Standards-based instruction

Critical, analytical thinking and decision making skills

Technology, literacy, and mathematical strategies

  • Integrate Personal Growth and Responsible Citizenship by:

Demonstrating respect, empathy, and tolerance of individual differences

Discovering and exercising the rights, duties, and privileges of citizenship both locally and globally

Applying problem-solving processes and critical thinking skills to real-life situations

  • Communicate Effectively by:

Reading, writing, speaking and listening reflectively, critically, and with comprehension

Conveying and understanding ideas, feelings, and beliefs through written, oral, and artistic expression

Interpreting and applying a variety of media or formats, such as charts, graphs, drawings, and multimedia reports

  • Explore Future Opportunities by:

Developing and pursuing short and long term goals, and creating steps to accomplish them

Accessing a variety of resources including college, vocational, and military partnerships to obtain information about post-secondary options

Utilizing their knowledge and skills to make healthy life choices