About Us


DVHS will develop critical thinkers and problem solvers, through a challenging and engaging curriculum, in order for them to achieve their fullest potential. We will provide students with relevant skills, through positive relationships and academic/career pathways, that will meet the demands of a changing world.


DVHS will prepare students to become lifelong learners and positive contributing members of society.


Every Student will be:

  • A Person of Character

    • Demonstrates truthfulness, honesty, and integrity in everything they do

    • Takes responsibility for their own actions and holds self accountable

    • Is actively engaged in their education, as demonstrated by school preparedness and remaining on task

    • Displays kindness and respect for one’s own, and other’s beliefs, opinions and ideas

  • An Effective Communicator

    • Actively listens to understand

    • Responds effectively in verbal and written format

    • Participates effectively in collaborative discussions

  • A Critical and Creative Thinker

    • Uses multiple resources to plan, design, and execute solutions to real world problems

    • Translates research into creative action

    • Evaluates sources and quality of information, and analyzes and draws inferences from data

    • Makes connections across subject areas

    • Uses a variety of strategies to solve problems

  • A Self-Directed Learner

    • Sets own goals and maps out a plan to achieve them

    • Utilizes appropriate study skills

    • Is a strong self-advocate

  • An Active Participant and Contributor to the Community

    • Displays pride in the cultural differences, diversity, and the school community

    • Is an engaged and informed citizen

    • Contributes to the school community beyond academic performance

    • Identifies needs and takes action to serve the common good for the school, community, nation, and world

Deer Valley High School
4700 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA 94531

Phone: 925-779-7570
Fax: 925-779-7571

Office Hours
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Office Numbers
Veronica McLennan, Principal
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 42520
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Miles Garner, Vice Principal - House 1
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 44030
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Mike Green, Vice Principal - House 2
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 40998
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Renita Angus, Vice Principal - House 3
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 40374
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Amy Gillespie-Oss, Vice Principal - House 4
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 43782
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Lisa Gillem, Admin. Asst.
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 42783
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Rebecca Volokh, Admin. Asst. HS VP - House 1
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 71095
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Shelley French, Admin. Asst. HS VP - House 2
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 42776
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Melinda Ramirez, Admin. Asst. HS VP - House 3
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 42851
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Tamiah Bibles, Admin. Asst. HS VP - House 4
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 44246
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Angie Minyard, Office Asst.
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 43373
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Vacant, Office Asst. - Bilingual
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext.

Inge Davis, Accounting Activities Specialist
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 44194
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Liana Hix, Attendance Asst.
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 43408
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Kathryn Coyle-Youker, Counselor
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 43002
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Vanessa Franklin, Counselor
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 44082
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Carmen Parra, Counselor
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 43614
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Cristina Pelayo, Counselor
Phone: 925-779-7570 ext. 44074
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