A-G Requirements

If you want to apply to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) college at the beginning of your senior year, here are the minimum requirements needed with grades of a 'C' or better.

  1. History/SocialScience: 2 years

  2. English: 4 years

  3. Math: 3 years; 4 years recommended (MUST complete Algebra I)

  4. Labratory Science: 2 years; 3 years recommended (Must include Biology & Chemistry or Physics) **UC's require Chemistry or Physics (Chemistry in Community or Astronomy will count for CSU's and some private schools - ask your counselor)

  5. Language other than English: 2 years; 3 years recommended (First two years must be the same language)

  6. Visual or Performing Arts: 1 full year

  7. College Prep Elective: 1 year

Collect ALL 15

This program was developed to help students to learn about the A-G requirements to enter a UC or CSU. This program recognizes students for the completion of each CP or AP course that they earn a "C" or better.

Students will earn a button for each requirement met, and with the collection of all 15 requirements they will be recognized at graduation with a Teal Honor Cord. 

Want to know which courses at DVHS will count towards your A-G completion?