Free Money

Scholarships are best ways for a student to earn money to help pay for college for one reason alone: it's FREE money that you do NOT have to pay back! There are many different scholarships that you can apply to and are not always based on academic performance. There are scholarships that are available to student athletes, students with an interest in visual and performing arts, students who are a part of certain demographics, have a desire to major in specific areas of study and so much more. Frequently check this page to see new scholarship opportunities that are available for you to apply to.

This page is broken out into 3 sections:   Local Scholarships, Beyond the Greater Bay Area & Scholarship Search Sites

For other scholarships check with organizations your family may be associated with like: Credit Unions, Churches, Place of Employment, Unions, etc. to see if they have scholarships available for their members or employees.

Local Scholarships