The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment department supports and provides evidence-based instructional materials, practices, and strategies for effective teaching and learning. We collaborate with educators and stakeholders in the selection of curriculum, ed tech apps, and course development at the secondary level.  Below you will find links to AUSD's approved curriculum and high school course catalog.

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Textbook Adoption Process

AUSD adheres to a rigorous review and vetting process to select instructional materials for our students and educators that aligns with the California Department of Education's expectations.  When a content area or grade level is on cycle for new materials, the following general steps will occur prior to purchasing:

  • Vendors/Publishers are invited to do create a presentation and demonstration of their materials and program.  This event is open to all staff for initial preview of materials to select.

  • Staff will be surveyed and ask to identify top 3-4 publishers/programs for consideration.

  • Based on feedback from surveys, the district will typically create a pilot experience for a group of teachers to sample the identified publishers/programs that allows them to interact and engage with the materials with students to help formulate a final recommendation.

  • Once the pilot process is completed and teachers make a final decision of program/material selection, the district will host a 30-day "preview of recommended materials" experience.  This allows the community, parents and stakeholders to review the recommended materials and share any concerns or comments for the Educational Services department to consider prior to making a final decision.

  • At the conclusion of the 30-day review period for stakeholders, the Educational Services department will present the materials to the Board of Education for final approval and official adoption.

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Curriculum Advisory Council

The purpose of the District Curriculum Advisory Council (CAC) is to: 

  1. Elevate the level of discussion about curriculum, articulating a sequence of instruction, assessment, and support for all students; 

  2. Review and recommend instructional textbooks on a seven-year (or State required) cycle, as well as materials; 

  3. Review and recommend new course proposals in secondary schools; 

  4. Review and recommend intervention programs and alternative programs based on expectations for student success; and 

This year's CAC is scheduled to meet on the following dates:

  • September 28th, 2023

  • October 20th, 2023

  • December 7th, 2023

AUSD Secondary Networks

AUSD secondary networks include English Language Arts, Math, History and Social Sciences, and Science. The goal of secondary networks are:

  • To communicate and align standards-based activities at the district and site level. 

  • To continually develop/revisit/analyze pacing guide and common assessment implementation at each site. 

  • To identify and design professional development activities that align with the needs of teachers.

  • To develop a network where teachers can regularly collaborate to share best practices to meet district-wide goals.