Records Request


Per the California Public Records Act and the District Adminstrative Regulation Policy #1340, the following information applies to the request of public documents.

  • Any individual or organization requesting information from the District can complete a Public Records Request Form.

  • An Agency has 10 days to decide if copies will be provided.  In "unusual" cases (request is voluminous, seeks records held off-site, or requires consultation with other agencies), the agency may, upon written notice to the requester, give itself an additional 14 days to respond. These time periods may not be used soley to delay access to the records.

  • The requested individual or organization will be notified by telephone or emailed at the requestor’s request when the materials are ready.

  • A fee for the direct cost of duplication will be collected at the time requestor picks up materials from District Office. 

What's Not Covered

  • Employees' private papers, unless they "relate to the conduct of the public's business and are prepared, owned, used, or retained by the agency.

  • Students' educational records. (Information on the process for requesting a copy of your transcript is available at Transcript Requests.)

  • Computer software "developed by a state or local agency...including computer mapping systems, computer programs, and computer graphic systems."

  • Records not yet in existence:  The Public Records Act covers only records that already exist and an agency cannot be required to create a record, list or compilation. "Rolling requests" for future-generated records are not permitted.

  • Attorney-Client discussions are confidential, even if the agency is the client, but the agency (not the lawyer) may waive secrecy.

To submit a Public Records request please use our Public Records Request form and submit it via fax (925-779-7509) or email