Educational Services

The Educational Services Department maintains a vision for our schools across the Antioch Unified School District to be healing and resilient centered.  This means that healing oriented and culturally relevant practices are used to engage and support students so they can master grade level standards.  Educational Services staff is here to answer questions or provide any help needed.

Christine Ibarra Associate Superintendent of Educational Services

Christine Ibarra

Associate Superintendent of Educational Services

(925) 779-7500, ext. 43567


Antioch Unified School District's K-12 Athletic Program is designed to give students the opportunity to participate in athletics and grow as both athletes and students. We believe that athletics can provide valuable life skills such as teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance. Our goal is to foster a positive and safe environment where students can develop their athletic abilities, build confidence, and make lasting memories. With a variety of sports and activities to choose from, there is something for everyone in our program. Our coaches and staff are dedicated to supporting our students in achieving their athletic goals while maintaining a healthy balance between academics and athletics. Join us in our mission to develop the next generation of well-rounded, successful individuals who are prepared for success both on and off the field!

Katie Ingalls, Associate Director of Athletics and Community Engagement

Katherine Ingalls

Assistant Director of Athletics and Community Engagement

(925) 779-7500, ext. 40175


The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment department supports and provides evidence-based instructional materials, practices, and strategies for effective teaching and learning. We collaborate with educators and stakeholders in the selection of curriculum, ed tech apps, and course development at the secondary level.  The Instructional Support team partners with our school sites and provides professional development, teacher pre-induction and induction programs, as well as assessment and intervention tools. Our goal is to ensure AUSD's educators and support staff have the tools and resources to provide high quality, engaging instruction to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

Amy Bettencourt, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Amy Bettencourt

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

(925) 779-7500, ext. 43211


Antioch Unified School District has fifteen wonderful elementary schools serving approximately 6,000 students.  We pride ourselves on creating healing and resilient centered schools that provide a rigorous, standards based education in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Sciences.  Furthermore we offer two Dual Immersion tracks in the district at Fremont and John Muir Elementary, and started our sixth grade DI track at Dallas Ranch Middle School this year.  Restorative practices, mindfulness, and social and emotional learning offer a high level of support for the whole child in striving to develop Healing and Resilient Centered Schools.  Through our work with U.C. Berkeley and the California Reading & Literature Project, elementary teachers and staff receive robust training on how to develop foundational reading skills K-2, and reading comprehension in intermediate grades.  We focus on staff development to ensure all teachers deliver high level instructional practices which provides equity and inclusivity for our students. We believe that all students thrive in an inclusive environment  where they develop their skills to allow them to successfully  advance into their secondary educational  opportunities. We believe the elementary school foundation is the most essential piece in forming habits of success and we strive each day to ensure every student has access to everything they need. #AUSD Proud.

Jason Larson Director of Elementary Education

Jason Larson

Director of Elementary Education

(925) 779-7500, ext. 53100


The English Learner Department within Education Services holds a vision for Elevating Language Diversity. Through this we prioritize: community building, high level instruction, standards-based assessments, and agency. Please reach out for any support that is needed including translation services, iPad translation device assistance or visit our Newcomer Center housed in room 103 at Antioch Middle School for student, family and staff resources and support.

Essence Phillips Director of Educational Services

Essence Phillips

Director of English Learners and Equity

(925) 779-7500, ext. 40524


The mission of Program Monitoring and Support is to provide guidance and support to district and school site programs explained in our District LCAP goals and School Plans for Student Achievement. This explanation includes assurances that allocated resources are utilized in compliance with Federal and State Department of Education policies. In this way, Antioch Unified School District offers our students the best possible learning experience setting our young people up for success in college, career, and life.

Ed Dacus Director of Educational Services

Ed Dacus

Director of Program Monitoring

(925) 779-7500, ext. 42154


Secondary education in AUSD is proud to offer students a robust educational program that includes opportunities for advanced placement courses, career technical education classes, and college prep courses. Students can opt for numerous enrichment opportunities, such as a comprehensive music/band program, athletics, clubs, tutoring, and social-emotional support. In addition, students in AUSD have access to work-based learning opportunities, career planning, internships, career-based field trips, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. Parent and community engagement is encouraged as we prepare AUSD secondary students for college, career, and life.

Lindsay Wisely, Director of Secondary Education

Dr. Lindsay Wisely

Director of Secondary Education

(925) 779-7500, ext. 53200


The Special Education Department is committed to view every student as an individual first, knowing each one has unique strengths to contribute to both the school and their community. We offer innovative programs that foster independence, academics, communication and social/emotional skills. Inclusion is a priority in our District, which allows students to learn and socialize with their general education peers to the fullest extent possible.

Kelly Quinn Senior Director of Special Education

Kelly Quinn

Senior Director of Special Education

(925) 779-7500, ext. 53500


Our mission is to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff.  We support schools by providing professional development to staff on prevention and intervention strategies for students, and build partnerships with community and local agencies to create a positive school climate.

Tim Cooper, Director of Student Services

Tim Cooper

Director of Student Services

(925) 779-7500, ext. 53600