Elementary Education

Antioch Unified School District has fifteen wonderful elementary schools serving approximately 6,000 students.  We pride ourselves on creating healing and resilient centered schools that provide a rigorous, standards based education in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Sciences.  Furthermore we offer two Dual Immersion tracks in the district at Fremont and John Muir Elementary, and started our sixth grade DI track at Dallas Ranch Middle School this year.  Restorative practices, mindfulness, and social and emotional learning offer a high level of support for the whole child in striving to develop Healing and Resilient Centered Schools.  Through our work with U.C. Berkeley and the California Reading & Literature Project, elementary teachers and staff receive robust training on how to develop foundational reading skills K-2, and reading comprehension in intermediate grades.  We focus on staff development to ensure all teachers deliver high level instructional practices which provides equity and inclusivity for our students. We believe that all students thrive in an inclusive environment  where they develop their skills to allow them to successfully  advance into their secondary educational  opportunities. We believe the elementary school foundation is the most essential piece in forming habits of success and we strive each day to ensure every student has access to everything they need. #AUSD Proud.

Jason Larson, Director of Secondary Education

Jason Larson

Director of Elementary Education

(925) 779-7500, ext. 53100


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Megan Miller

Educational Services Administrative Assistant

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Deborah Meylan Literacy Coordinator

Deborah Meylan

Literacy Coordinator

(925) 779-7500, ext. 40950