Bond Measures

What is the purpose of a school bond measure?  A school bond election is a bond issue used by a public school district, typically to finance a building project or other capital project.  These measures are placed on the ballot by district school boards to be approved or defeated by the voting public.  School bond measures generally do not receive as much attention as candidate elections or state-wide ballot measures, but they are an important way in which citizens can guide school policy.

Strong family and community engagement programs support meaningful involvement and actively promote the development of parent and community leaders who can advocate more effectively for learners.  These programs help families establish home environments that support their children’s learning and develop communication strategies that engage everyone involved in designing effective forms of school to home and home to school communications.  Families are recruited to participate in school events and in district policymaking and school decision-making.

Thank you, Antioch voters, on the passage of Measure B

Measure B - Ballot 3/5/2024

Antioch schools do not receive any funds from the state for facility improvements. Constant use and changing education needs require significant upgrades –way beyond our District budget. In the March 2024 election, voters in the Antioch Unified School District will be asked whether to approve a school facilities bond. This page contains information related to the proposed bond measure.

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Antioch High

Antioch Unified School District-Schools Facility Bond Information

This bond has one goal: Improving the quality of Antioch Schools!!!

  • While there have been improvements in the quality of our schools over the past few years, the fact remains that our schools are old. Classrooms and restrooms need modernization, electrical systems are outdated, and HVAC and roofs are at the end of their life. Schools built years ago need significant updating.

  • Many of our schools are 60-70 years old. The Board of Education approved a bond measure to be placed on the ballot in March 2024 to address the most pressing needs of our district:

    • Remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint from school sites

    • Repair or replace old worn-out roofs, floors, walkways, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems

    • Improve school security and emergency communications systems

    • Update instructional technology in classrooms for improved student learning

    • Renovate restrooms to make them accessible for students with disabilities

    • Upgrade and repair physical education facilities and playground equipment to meet current safety standards

    • Make repairs and energy efficiency improvements to all schools

    • Free up resources to improve the quality of classroom instruction in core subjects like reading, math, and science to prepare students for success in college and careers

This bond will update our aging schools, technology, and equipment. It will protect the health, safety, and security of AUSD students and staff. It will also:

  • Add TK-K classrooms at John Muir Elementary

  • Add a new gymnasium and cafeteria at Orchard Park

  • Replace old portables with a new two-story building of classrooms at Park Middle School

  • Modernize the gymnasium at Antioch Middle School

If approved, the measure would authorize up to $195M in bonds to finance various repairs and improvements in our schools. The projected cost of the bond to the taxpayers is $48 per $100,000 of assessed (not market) value. Bond programs such as this one require a clear system of accountability, including a project list that details how the money may be used, establishing a Citizens’ Oversight Committee, and conducting independent audits to ensure all funds are spent as intended. Additional information can be obtained from the District’s website.

Measure B - Passed 11/2012

Measure B is a $56.5 million school bond which will allow the District to renovate and modernize Antioch High School buildings and classrooms, in multiple phases, so that the 60-year-old building can continue to serve the community.  The Antioch Unified School District bond measure passed November 6, 2012.  Bond measure funds are monitored by an independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee comprised of local residents.  Measure B has a Project Labor Agreement.

Measure C - Passed 6/2008

To address critical renovation and modernization needs at schools that have served Antioch for more than forty years, replace aging roofs, aging plumbing, old heating and air conditioning units with energy efficient systems, upgrade restrooms, electrical systems, renovate and expand libraries, replace existing windows and doors, remove hazardous materials, create ADA compliant access and upgrade the district-wide technology infrastructure to increase network capability.  The Antioch Unified School District bond measure passed in June 2008 and issued $61.6 million in bonds.  Bond measure funds are monitored by an independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee, comprised of local residents.  Download the voter approved project list.

Site List

Elementary Schools

  • Belshaw Elementary, 2801 Roosevelt Lane, Antioch, CA. Built 1954

  • Fremont Elementary, 1413 F Street, Antioch, CA. Built 1953

  • Kimball Elementary, 1310 August Way, Antioch, CA. Built 1950

  • Marsh Elementary, 2304 G Street, Antioch, CA. Built 1947

  • Mission Elementary, 1711 Mission Drive, Antioch, CA. Built 1973

  • Muir Elementary, 615 Greystone Drive, Antioch, CA. Built 1990

  • Sutter Elementary, 3410 Longview Road, Antioch, CA. Built 1964

  • Turner Elementary, 4207 Delta Fair Blvd., Antioch, CA. Built 1968

Middle Schools

  • Antioch Middle School, 1500 D Street, Antioch, CA. Built 1964

  • Park Middle School, 1 Spartan Way, Antioch, CA. Built 1959

High Schools

  • Antioch High School, 700 West 18th Street, Antioch, CA. Built 1954

  • Bidwell Continuation High School, 800 Gary Avenue, Antioch, CA. Built 1958

  • Live Oak High School, 1708 F Street, Antioch, CA. Built 1978

  • Prospects High School, 820 West 2nd Street, Antioch, CA. Built 1992