Standards -Based Learning

Measuring tape

Standards Mastery Based Learning communicates how students are performing on clearly defined objectives called priority standards.  The purpose of Standards Mastery Learning is to identify what a student knows or is able to do in connection to a standard.  The benefits of Standard Mastery Learning include:

  • Students will be able to explain what they learned or did not learn rather than focusing on an arbitrary letter grade.

  • Standards Mastery Learning shifts the focus from earning points to learning.

  • Students are inclined to take more risks when the pressure of letters grades is taken away.

  • Parent and student feedback is specific in all content areas.

  • Grades are not averaged; therefore, students are not penalized for low scores that may occur at the beginning of units.  

  • Standards Mastery Learning creates a higher level of consistency and continuity in assessment among teachers.

Standards Based Learning Cycle Diagram

Standards Based Learning Teacher Links

Antioch Unified Teachers can access the SBL SharePoint, Priority Standards and proficiency scales here. If you receive a "you do not have access" message, please request access and it will be approved within 24 hours.