The Information Technology Department exists to aid the classroom learning experience by support of students, staff, systems, and equipment throughout the district.

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In Need of Assistance?

All employees and students are able to log in at the AUSD Information Technology Service Portal to request help with technology needs.  To log on, use the same user name and password that you use to log on to your District computer.  You have the ability to submit tickets, to check out the IT Knowledge Base which includes “How To” information, answers to frequently asked questions, and information about your computer.  Submitting tickets to the portal rather than emailing an IT employee not only allows tracking of problems and solutions, but also ensures that your request will be assigned in a timely manner.

The portal is monitored regularly whereas emails to individuals may go unread and slip through the cracks.  Creating a ticket request is easy.  Click on the “New Ticket” button and fill in the fields with the appropriate detailed information.  When entering a ticket make sure to include the AUSD Asset Tag number and location.

Status of Technology Services/Resources

Tech Resources and Trainings

Technology Staff

Help Desk

Main Line 925-779-7500 ext. 56200

Fax Number 925-779-7519

SIS Help Desk

Main Line 925-779-7500 ext. 56100

Fax Number 925-779-7519

Technology Department

Main Line 925-779-7500 ext. 56000

Fax Number 925-779-7519

Kris Lindquist

Director - Technology

925-779-7500 ext. 43210

Jason Mullen

Supervisor - Tech Support

925-779-7500 ext. 44044

Erin Alterman

Administrative Assistant

925-779-7500 ext. 42531

Don Prince

Network and System Technician II

925-779-7500 ext. 42037

Jose Martinez

Network and System Technician II

925-779-7500 ext. 43584

Dave Dellenback

Systems Engineer

925-779-7500 ext. 44040

Joseph Dones

Systems Engineer

925-779-7500 ext. 44344

Keith Jackson

Network Engineer

925-779-7500 ext. 43078

Adam Freeze

Technology Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 43687

Chris Ellison

Technology Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 44033

Daniel Wallace

Technology Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 44066

Donovan Morris

Technology Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 44099

Jacob Ferguson

Technology Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 42385

Jacovia Cunningham

Technology Technician

Jerry Hix

Technology Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 43434

Keith Polee

Technology Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 43404

Samuel Guadarrama

Technology Technician

Heidi Hessler

Student Information System & CalPADS Coordinator

925-779-7500 ext. 40008

Jenna Wesenhagen

Student Information Technician

925-779-7500 ext. 40386

Sara Hall-Cottrell

Student Information Technician