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About Special Education

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Special Education Department to view every student as an individual first, knowing each one has unique strengths to contribute to both the school and their community. We offer innovative programs that foster independence, academics, communication and social/emotional skills. Inclusion is a priority in our District, which allows students to learn and socialize with their general education peers to the fullest extent possible.

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Related Services

Related services are provided to students by appropriately qualified specialist/service providers as specified by their IEP beginning at Preschool through Adult Transition. A service provider may work with a student individually, in groups, and/or through consult. The service provider is an IEP team member who supports the student’s goal areas specific to their area of expertise. The following are areas provided within AUSD:

  • Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

  • Assistive Technology (AT)

  • Audiological Services (AS)

  • Counseling and Guidance (CG)

  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH)

  • Health Services

  • Occupational Therapy (OT)

  • Orientation and Mobility (O/M)

  • Physical Therapy (PT)

  • Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI)

  • Speech and Language Therapy (S/L)

  • Transportation Services

  • Visual Impairment Services (VI)

Early Special Education Development

The Antioch Unified School District Early Special Education Development Team is committed to locating, identifying and serving children with disabilities ages 3-5 in our community in order to prepare them for successful transition to elementary school.

Early Developmental Assessment

All new students requesting to be assessed or to participate in our special education preschool programs must first enroll in the district.  Once the enrollment is confirmed, the Special Education staff will contact you regarding your next steps.             

There are three ways to enroll your child at this time:

Option One: Online Enrollment

  • Click to enroll your student(s) through our online enrollment system. Online Enrollment

  • Complete the Developmental History questionnaire and upload with your supporting documents.

Option Two: In Person

  • Parents/Guardians may obtain a preschool enrollment packet by:

  • Downloading packet here: Special Education Preschool Enrollment Packet  or Paquete Preescolar de Registración

  • Picking up in person at our District Office (510 G Street, Antioch) 

  • Contacting our Special Education Office to request a packet be mailed to you.

  • Once completed you may bring your enrollment documents to the Central Enrollment office (510 G Street, Antioch) anytime between 8am - 4pm 

Option Three:  Email

When returning your enrollment packet be sure to include the following documents

  • 2 - Proofs of residency

  • Student's Birth Certificate (original) or Passport (original)

  • Immunization Record 

  • Parent/Guardian Picture ID

  • Preschool Referral Questionnaire/Developmental History

  • Enrollment Forms

Incomplete enrollment packets will not be accepted.

For more information on our Early Special Education Development Programs see our FAQs page.

Special Education Staff

Staff Name




Special Education

Main Line

925.779.7500 ext. 53500

Fax Number


Kelly Quinn

Senior Director - Special Education

925.779.7500 ext. 43750


Sharon Spivack

Director - Special Education

925.779.7500 ext. 44330


Carolyn Taylor

Assistant Director - Special Education

925.779.7500 ext. 43021


Alexis Hearnes

Coordinator - Special Education

925.779.7500 ext. 42580


Jennifer Ambrosini

Administrative Assistant



Danyaha Brown

Administrative Assistant

925.779.7500 ext. 44243


Wendy Manuel

Special Education Technician

925.779.7500ext. 43154


Program Specialist Staff

Staff Name




Taneeka Bourgeois

Program Specialist

925.779.7500 ext. 43403


Renee Wong

Program Specialist

925.779.7500 ext.44340


Jennifer Simas

Program Specialist

925.779.7500 ext.44109


Kevin Kibble

Program Specialist

925.779.7500 ext.44253


Cindy Mudge

Program Specialist

925.779.7500 ext.40132


Kristen Symula

Program Specialist

925.779.7500 ext.44068


Fred Ostling

Program Specialist



David Cabezas

Program Specialist

925.779.7500 ext 44248