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We are committed to hiring the most highly qualified and dedicated teachers and support staff for the students of our district. We actively recruit applicants whose first concern is to help all students reach their full potential.

Teacher of the Year

2024 TEACHER OF THE YEAR... Nicole Vicknair!

The 2024 AUSD Teacher of the Year is Nicole Vicknair! Nicole is a teacher at Bidwell Continuation High School.  Her unwavering commitment to excellence in teaching and exceptional qualities make her a truly deserving candidate for this prestigious recognition. Nicole's teaching style is marked by creativity that has transformed the learning environment in remarkable ways. Her innovative methods not only captivate students but also inspire active engagement in the learning process. By integrating various instructional techniques and multimedia resources, Nicole has successfully created a dynamic and stimulating classroom atmosphere, fostering intellectual curiosity among her students. Nicole's commitment to standards-based teaching is evident in the rigor she brings to her lessons. Going above and beyond to align her curriculum with educational standards, she ensures her students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education, reflected in consistently high achievement levels. Nicole's passion for teaching is reflected in her engagement with students. She connects with each student on a personal level, understanding their needs and tailoring her approach accordingly. This personal touch enhances the learning experience and builds trust and respect between Nicole and her students. Beyond her impact on students, Nicole is highly regarded by colleagues at both the school and district level. Her collaborative spirit, willingness to share resources and ideas, leadership, and positive influence on school and district culture make her an invaluable member of AUSD's teaching community. In summary, Nicole Vicknair embodies the qualities of an outstanding Teacher of the Year. Her creativity, excellent classroom management, standards-based teaching, rigor, and dedication to her craft set her apart as a beacon of inspiration for both students and fellow educators.

Ms. Vicknair

Ms. Marquardt

The runner-up is Samantha Marquardt! Samantha holds the position of a K-2 Special Day Class teacher at Marsh Elementary School. Loved and admired by students, parents, and colleagues alike, Samantha's influence extends far beyond the classroom walls. As a vital member of Marsh's Leadership Team and a two-term member in Marsh’s School Site Council, Samantha has spearheaded a transformative culture shift on campus. Her commitment to fostering meaningful relationships, coupled with a data-driven approach, underscores her dedication to ensuring Marsh delivers a myriad of supports to its students. Amidst Special Education staffing challenges, Samantha goes above and beyond, investing countless hours in meticulously planning and conducting Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. Her leadership extends to facilitating professional development sessions centered on compliance, equity, IEP protocols, and data analysis. Moreover, Samantha is the go-to authority on matters concerning students with disabilities, offering invaluable insights into effective classroom strategies, policies, and accommodations. Her expertise extends to supporting students with 504 plans and liaising with the CARE team. Samantha's unwavering advocacy and tireless efforts have deepened the staff's understanding of student needs, paving the way for enhanced academic success. Beyond her instructional duties, Samantha serves as a beacon of inspiration for fellow educators grappling with classroom dynamics. Her exceptional skills in fostering positive relationships, managing behaviors, and meticulously tracking student progress have earned her admiration from peers. Samantha's classroom stands as a model of inclusive learning, where every student thrives under her guidance. Her exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication epitomize the spirit of excellence within Marsh Elementary School and across the District.

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