Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices is about building community, restoring relationships and repairing harm. Healthy relationships are essential for happy, healthy students. And our restorative facilitators specialize not only in building positive relationships schoolwide, but also in helping students avoid conflicts and mend relationships when conflicts have arisen.

If your child is experiencing conflict at school and would like some help resolving the problem, please click the link below to request intervention from one of our restorative facilitators.

Restorative Conference Request

Community Building Circles

Restorative Conferences

Why circles? Circles allow everyone equal voices. Community building circles foster relationships, connections, responsibility, trust and safety.

Restorative conferences focus on solving problems and repairing harm. Restorative conferences allow for offenders to take responsibility for their actions and for real forgiveness to occur.

Kristy Martinez Restorative TOSA

Kristy Martinez - District Restorative TOSA

Aaren Smith RPF for AMS

Aaren Smith RPF for Antioch Middle School

Tiny Conn RPF for DLMHS

Tiny Conn

RPF for Dozier Libbey Medical High School

Zoe Andrews RPF for DRMS

Zoe Andrews RPF for Dallas Ranch Middle School

Annelise Sotelo RFP for LOHS/BHS/Opportunity

Jenna Marchesi-Osborn RPF for Park Middle School

Sara Gonzalez RPF at BDMS/OPS

Sara Gonzalez RPF at BDMS/OPS

Shira Sweitzer - RPF and Lead Teacher for Peer Advocates Program

Shira Sweitzer RPF and Lead Teacher -Peer Advocates