Workers Compensation

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Work Related Injury Procedure


If your injury requires that you receive emergency medical treatment – CALL 911

Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. Notify your supervisor immediately.

  2. You and your supervisor should then call Company Nurse at 1 (888) 375-9779 and provide the code “CSIG”.

  3. Company Nurse will gather information over the phone and help you access appropriate medical treatment.

  4. If Company Nurse refers you for medical treatment, seek initial treatment at either Kaiser On-The-Job or U.S. Healthworks. Note: You may see your pre-designated doctor if the appropriate paperwork is on file with the Benefits Office prior to your injury.

  5. Supervisors must complete the Employor Accident Investigation Form and return it to the Benefits Office.

* Facts About Workers' Compensation

Kaiser Permanente - Occupational Health


4501 Sand Creek Road
Antioch, CA 94531

3140 Balfour Road, Suite C
Brentwood, CA 94513

(925) 813-3770

(925) 626-3801

John Muir Urgent Care
(after hours only)

Kaiser Permanente
(Emergency/after hours)

Sutter Delta
(Emergency/after hours only)

2400 Balfour Road, Suite 120
Brentwood, CA 94513

4501 Sand Creek Road
Antioch, CA 94531

3901 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA 94509

(925) 308-8111

(925) 813-6880

(925) 779-7200

What to do after treatment:

  1. If the physician has released you back to work with no restrictions, you may go back to work immediately. The physician will provide you with a Work Status report which you should fax, email or bring to AUSD’s Benefits Office immediately after your visit.

  2.  If your physician has included work restrictions as part of your release to work, you must talk with someone from the Benefits Office the same day and prior to returning to your school site or department.  Please fax, email or bring the Work Status report from the physician to AUSD’s Benefits Office.  We will work with you and your supervisor on determining what type of accommodation can be made.

  3.  If your physician takes you off work, please contact the Benefits Office so we can review the Workers Compensation Leave process with you.

AUSD Benefits Office:
Phone Number: (925) 779-7500 ext. 54600
Fax Number:  (925) 779-7517

Email: or

How to record time off in Aesop:

  1. On the date of injury if you miss any time seeking treatment, enter the absence in Aesop by using “Work Comp Dr Appt” 

  2. Any ongoing doctor or therapy appointments should be entered as “Work Comp Dr. Appt”.  Please note that the allowable time is the length of the appointment as well as travel time to and from the appointment. While this time is captured separately, all time will be charged against your monthly allotment of Dr. Appointment time outlined in your bargaining agreement or against your sick leave balance.

  3. If your physician places you off work due to a disability, use the “Work Comp Disability” code.   You will need to provide the Benefits Office with a Work Status slip from your occupational physician, indicating you were unable to work.